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Listing With US

At United Country Heart Of Carolina Real Estate, we specialize in marketing unique luxury properties,  horse farms, golf properties, and small-town gems.  Find out how our comprehensive marketing strategy can benefit you!

Before you commit to a listing agreement make sure you know what you are getting

Individualized Marketing Plans for your specific market

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Our individualized marketing plans help you find the right plan and market for your budget. We can find and target your niche market through targeted digital and print marketing to the desired audience for your property identified through our marketing analytics and expertese.

Our 3 tier Luxury marketing program

Silver Marketing Service

  • Conduct a marketing consultation meeting and provide staging recommendations

  • Create a "property positioning statement" to help identify prospect groups

  • Professional property and digital marketing photography

  • Services including MLS listing, lockbox, yard signage, brochure box, and comprehensive internet exposure 

  • Full color, high-quality property brochure

  • "Just Listed" to surrounding homes and targeted prospects

  • Broker Open House when appropriate

  • Periodic reports on market activity and follow up reports om showings

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GOLD MARKETing service

In addition to the silver marketing plan

  • Drone and/or Videography images

  • Consultation with a professional stager

  • Creation and distribution of mini-brochure cards to targeted audiences 

  • Creation of hardbound property presentation book for the home 

  •  Coordination of 'sale ready' seller-paid initiative to maximize property marketability (to include: pre-appraisal, pre-inspection, execution of needed repairs)

  • Showings personally accompanied 

  • Direct mail campaigns to targeted prospect groups 

  • Advertising in targeted print/ digital media

  • Social media advertising campaigns 

Platinum marketing Service

In addition to silver and gold marketing plans

  • Provide buyer's home warranty

  • Additional direct mail campaigns to targeted prospect groups

  • Additional advertising in digital and print in top tier sites and publications

  • Video / mini-movie production and distribution

  • Coordination of VIP event or location experience for targeted prospects

  • Individualized Property Website

  • Incentive offered to selling agent/firm

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